My Sweet Annie Girl,

What a joy to find out we are getting another girl! Mommy is so happy and has dreams of all the secrets (and clothes and nail polish and shoes and bathroom counter space and sisterhood fun) you and Audrey will share. So much fun to come…we hope and pray!

But the doctors told us that there’s something wrong with your tiny heart. It doesn’t have the number of chambers it needs, and they don’t know why. Lots of really smart people are trying to figure out what to do. But Mommy knows that the Creator is still working on you, forming you delicately and gently, with love, in my womb. His strong hands have shaped the two heart chambers you do have and He can form the ones you still need. Mommy has been praying, “Lord, if you will, you can heal.”

And Mommy knows how special your life is…no matter how long or short it may be. You, Annie, have a God-ordained purpose and Mommy is so happy to see this story unfold for God’s glory. I desperately want to meet you someday soon, on this side of heaven, and caress your sweet cheeks and snuggle you close while your heart heals. I pray that I can sing sweetly in your ear and comfort you while you recover from a successful surgery. But if I cannot, and the Lord takes you to heaven before I get there, I know that He will snuggle me close, sing sweetly, and comfort me while my heart heals. This is not a story that I want or would’ve chosen, but it’s God’s story and that makes it good.

I love you, Annie.


10 thoughts on “My Sweet Annie Girl,

  1. Jill Kramer says:

    Praying for you little Miss Annie and your precious heart! May the surgery be a success. Also praying for your mommy and daddy and big sissy!! You are in our thoughts and prayers- Love you all, Justin, Jill, Jayla and Jace Kramer


  2. Tracy Adcock says:

    Oh, Tracy! My eyes are brimming with tears! I am praying with you that our Father will heal sweet Annie’s heart and that He will cover you and your family with a peace beyond understanding. Your faith and testimony are an encouragement to me and, I’m sure, many others.


  3. chadandwendy says:

    What sweet, sweet words, Tracy! I am so sorry to hear that you are facing such uncertainty. Your faith shines through in your words to your little one. I pray the Lord will indeed answer with healing. Our family would be overjoyed to have Audrey here anytime you would like some hours of downtime. Please call anytime! Praying. . . Wendy Donley


  4. Teena Hoover says:

    I, too, look forward to meeting you precious Annie. Your Mommy and Daddy, along with all their friends, anticipate your arrival. Prayers are never ceasing for you to be healed. We trust Abba Father and know He holds you close now, and in the days to come.


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