Me Too!

I cannot believe how God orchestrates details of relationships. After sharing on Facebook yesterday some details about Annie’s heart condition, an old friend contacted me. It was a couple who was in our community group for several months before getting unexpectedly transferred to a new job out of state. We heard they were expecting and something wasn’t right with their baby. We had all prayed and later heard good reports on Evie and now see cute pictures of her at 2 years old  doing regular, everyday things.

Guess what Evie’s “something isn’t right” is? Yep, HLHS!

What a sweet, loving Father we serve who is giving us someone we already know who’s walked this exact road. Sarah was so kind to talk with me for an hour on the phone, while Evie and Andrew squealed in the background, and I tried to entertain Audrey. She shared so many details of Evie’s surgeries and was honest about the struggles and also encouraged me that it really was never quite as bad as she’d made it out to to be in her mind during the waiting period that we currently find ourselves in.

I told you: God has His hands all over Annie’s life and this situation. Even though I continue to plead with Him to heal her, He is so gracious to sustain us with all of these clear glimmers that SHOUT His hand in ours every single day.

Here’s a fitting prayer from 1916, “Cause Thy face to shine upon the dark places through which we may be called to pass this day and may we be made to feel that it is better to hold on to Thy hand in the dark than to walk alone in the light.”

This is God’s story, and that makes it good.


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