SHHH! The big, bad secret…

…is that it’s not actually a secret. And sometimes I’m tired of everyone acting like it is.

We’ve been with lots of family over the last few weeks and some of those family members have acted like Annie’s heart condition is a total faux paux subject. Some were brave enough to be the total opposite extreme, speaking boldly and warning us not to let other family members know because said family members wouldn’t be able to handle this tragic news.

Just to clarify: We don’t think our situation is anything to be ashamed of. We aren’t embarrassed by our precious Annie or the procedures that lie ahead. We are willing to speak openly and honestly about what we’re going through. Sometimes that honesty may be awkward for the recipient because some days if asked, “How are you doing?” the answer is a sincere, “Okay today.” Other days, the answer isn’t so easy.

Don’t get me wrong. We aren’t going to be out there boo-hooing to everyone we meet, but we are planning to intentionally use every part of our lives, including this pregnancy and parenting of Annie, to be transparent and share how God is working in the midst of it.

So if you see us at church or at the store or at Taziki’s (because really, we’re always at Taziki’s), we’d rather you ask us how we’re doing instead of make eye contact, twinge your face, and slowly drop your gaze to my growing belly. Yep, she’s still in there and we’re still looking forward to meeting her soon.

Thank you to my awesome sister who isn’t afraid to talk about it and gifted me with this touching paintingImage

and also put music to my letter to Annie. She and my brother serenaded us with this tribute on Christmas Eve– a very sweet gift to honor our Annie.

“But they overcame by the blood of the Lamb and by the word of their testimony…” -Revelation 12:11

This is God’s story, and that makes it good.


3 thoughts on “SHHH! The big, bad secret…

  1. Heather says:

    Wish I could have heard the song! You should record it and post it so I can cry with you. Love reading all your posts. You are so good with words and appreciate your transparency. Love you and sweet Annie!!


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