What a Waste!

On the eve of cancer surgery, John Piper wrote an article called “Don’t Waste Your Cancer” that challenges us to look for ways to mature through suffering. He also concludes that any word could be inserted in place of cancer, unique to whatever suffering we may be facing. I agree that Annie’s heart defect is something that we never want to waste.

And so here’s the humbling, hard, intense truth from his article:

  • We will waste Annie’s HLHS if we do not believe it is designed for us (and her) by God.
  • We will waste Annie’s HLHS if we believe it is a curse and not a gift.
  • We will waste Annie’s HLHS if we seek comfort from our odds rather than from God.
  • We will waste Annie’s HLHS if we refuse to think about death and eternity.
  • We will waste Annie’s HLHS if we think that “beating” it means her staying alive, rather than us cherishing Christ in the process.
  • We will waste Annie’s HLHS if we spend too much time reading about congenital heart defects and surgeries and stories and not enough time reading about God.
  • We will waste Annie’s HLHS if we let it drive us into solitude instead of deepen our relationships with manifest affection.
  • We will waste Annie’s HLHS if we grieve as those who have no hope.
  • We will waste Annie’s HLHS if we fail to use it as a means of witness to the truth and glory of Christ.

I’m afraid that I’ve already wasted it in so many ways: when I grieve so much over the unknown instead of trusting God for her and our future, when I read countless articles of other testimonials and only a few Bible verses here and there because of how numb I often feel, when I’ve quoted the positive odds of the successful surgeries while sarcastically comparing them to the odds of her even having this congenital heart defect.

May it never be true that our gift of Annie be wasted because I wanted life another way.

“Anything that causes us to depend on God is a good thing.”


One thought on “What a Waste!

  1. karmanf says:

    I believe you are the mom that my girls came home from school and asked me to pray for every time I remembered you, and then a dear friend sent me this blog post and told me I “had to read it!” Your words spoke straight to my soul this morning as I have found myself this last week in the “illness black pit.” You see I have been battling a chronic illness for many years. So just as the amazing sunrise reminded me that “His mercies are new every morning,” your post also reminded me not to waste one minute of my dependence on Him as it can be such a rich time. Thank you for someone Annie has touched that you don’t even know!
    “The steadfast love of The Lord never ceases; His mercies never come to an end; they are new every morning; great is thy faithfulness.”
    Lam. 3:22


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