Never Alone

God has graciously given me a tangible proof of his promise that I am never alone. He gave me Matt. A selfless, patient, toddler bathing, baby bouncing husband to share this impossible journey with.

Matt loves us so well and is a surprisingly wonderful girl daddy. He gladly sips pretend tea from a dainty Minnie Mouse cup. He gently strokes blonde hair precisely into place to clip in a polka dotted bow. He oodles and awes over the beauty of Audrey’s purple “hangnail” polish, while kindly keeping silent about the odor permeating from the sweaty shoes she removed to show him. He ties ruffly bikini strings and pulls shorts into place already complaining that too much skin is bare.

He proudly carries a pink and green monogrammed “A” diaper bag over one shoulder while lugging Annie’s infant carrier in the opposite hand. He comforts her new baby cry, “Shhhh, Sweets. Daddy will get you as soon as we get home.” He has sat prayerfully rocking her into wee hours, waiting for nightly doctor rounds.

Most of all he has remained faithful and unwavering in clinging to a God he knows is good. Countless times he’s looked across the rising elevator and asked me, “How do people do this when they don’t trust God?” as he sighs to prepare himself for how we might find Annie when we get to the 6th floor. And he’s assured me, “I know whatever it is, God has a plan.” When I’ve felt like falling apart, he’s reminded that we can do this together: God, me, and him. What a pillar of strength and gentleness for our family to lean on for life.

And because he’s such a great dad and husband, he flew home with our out-of-sorts Audrey Tuesday morning. But today he packs the car to caravan back to Philadelphia. Because me and Annie need to be picked up for home!! This morning’s rounds confirmed that Annie’s heart failure numbers are at an all-time low. Her heart echo showed stability in function after being off the IV. They even found that the blood clot in her leg caused by her cath has cleared. So she got her picc line removed because she doesn’t need IV access anymore! And I don’t have to learn how to administer the shots for her blood thinner. They said as soon as Matt gets here, we will be discharged for home.

The only complaint I have about this sweet hubby of mine is that he usually drives too slow.




3 thoughts on “Never Alone

  1. jan degruy says:

    SO excited for you all as you get to take Annie home by car and on oral meds! God is good and He has a plan! Praying for safe travels and a great time as you venture home! Praying for an uneventful summer and that things will fall into place over the next weeks and months for Annie;s heart! Thank you for your unwavering testimony!


  2. Jacquelyn says:

    Praising God with you guys!!! Xoxo may ur journey homey be smooth and easy ! And may God continue to renew all of our hearts like we know and pray he can!


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