Fortune’s Fool

I wouldn’t define fortunate as carrying a baby who has a prenatally diagnosed  severe heart defect. I wouldn’t define fortunate as parenting a baby who lives with that rare heart defect. I wouldn’t define fortunate as surviving the real-life gore of heart surgery aftermath that was recently banned in public Facebook photos.

And then a sonographer-turned-friend who came by last night gave me some perspective. She told me several months ago that Annie was only the second heart that she’d found like this in her several decades of sonography at a more than busy women’s clinic. She knew how rare this kind of heart was. Then she told me last night that since detecting Annie’s deformed heart, she’s found two more…in the last 6 months. We both agreed that is three too many in the last year.

As Annie gaggled at her through a toothless grin and grabbed for her with drooly hands, she went on to say, “They haven’t been as fortunate as you.” FORTUNATE?! I wanted to yell while flashbacks of CICU horror flooded my mind. Then the words pierced my heart. I knew what she meant. She disclosed that one baby hadn’t lived and one baby was struggling with additional complications.

She’s right. We are quite fortunate to have Annie smiling away in our arms, rolling over and over to reach the toy across the living room, choking down sweet potatoes and peas that I’m determined she’ll like, and sleeping from 9-7 each night in her own cozy crib to the silence of parental snores.

I hate to say I’d been missing it.

“Count your blessings, name them one by one. Count your blessings, see what God has done.”

1. Annie

2. Audrey

3. Matt

4. Doctors who know what they’re doing

5. Friends who speak truth



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