Heart Out

What a message of life Annie gave as I nervously shared how we refused terminating her pregnancy, even in the midst of a life-threatening diagnosis. I began the phrase hypoplastic left heart syndrome,  and Annie clawed for the microphone and shoved it violently to her face. Nothing special. Just what every other curious, teething 5-month-old baby would do to the news anchor’s tools.

But that’s just it: she did what every other baby would do. And she only has half of a heart. You can see Annie in action here.

$13,000 raised. 628 shirts worn. Banners proclaiming love for Annie.  Thousands of sweet words and prayers. And people even standing in line to meet our Annie. God’s Annie. Because God has done countless miracles in her life, she is something to talk about. But really, He is something to talk about.

Following Annie’s speedy recovery of surgery #2, people continued to lament, “God is good!” And I wholeheartedly agree (so does Annie’s half heart). But if there’s one thing I want proclaimed in Annie’s story it’s that while He is more than good to give us an entire football game of a night in Annie’s honor that we never knew she would live to see, He was also good all those days her heart was failing, all those echoes that showed grim results, and in all those ashen-face doctor’s conversations revealing more bad news. He is good today when Annie squeals in excitement over riding in a Target cart for the first time. And He will be good tomorrow, no matter what it holds for Annie.

Since I know He’s sovereignly in control of each one of Annie’s days, I don’t have to fear. And since He’s in control of every moment that makes up those days, I do think it’s sweet that He let the Warriors beat Jacksonville 38-10 on Annie’s night. Just sayin’…


Dr. Arnold prayed the SWEETEST prayer, while Annie was recognized on the field!

Dr. Arnold prayed the SWEETEST prayer while Annie was recognized on the field!


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