In less than 12 hours everything changes. 

“It’s cancer,” she sobbed. “My dad has cancer.” 

Cancer was the last word I wanted to hear crackled through my faithful friend’s tears. We’d prayed for healing. A good report. Even for nothing.

Stage 3 lung cancer is a lot different than nothing. Cancer that has gone undetected for a year. Cancer that has quietly been growing, living, thriving in her father’s lungs. Fresh air inhaled. Cancer secretly exhaled. 

But tomorrow the fight begins. Five days a week for the next seven weeks her dad will undergo intense radiation and chemotherapy treatment.  I’m telling y’all because y’all know how to pray. (And this man is one of Annie’s favorites!)

Y’all have believed with me in our Healer before and I’m asking you to believe with me again. 

We believe that God can heal the sick man’s body and the grieving loved ones’ hearts. And we believe that whichever one He chooses is the right choice. Will you join me to beg God for mercy and grace and comfort for this family? And will you also declare your faith in His good and sovereign hand?

“We waste our cancer if we seek comfort from the odds rather than from God.” -John Piper


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