One Brave Momma

I saw the bravest momma today.

I watched her slowly, carefully lean against the pool wall and dip her baby into the water then lift her back out again. At the same time she cheered excitedly as her older daughter laughed and splashed on the other side of the blue. Again she turned her attention to the baby, lovingly cradling her against her chest to warm her from the water’s chill. But ever so gently bouncing so that baby’s feet dotted the waves. Just a normal, summer mom pool scene.

Except different too. Baby wore the typical frilly babykini that girls awwww over beginning at age 12. But there was more than a monogrammed accessory or sunglasses to adorn her head. There was an oxygen cannula taped to a little round sticker on either side of her face. The clear tubes were a welcome intrusion into her small nostrils as they assisted her breathing.

Then I realized that Mom hung close to the side not because it was a comfy spot out of the big kid splash zone. Mom hung close to the side because it was her only choice. The cannula cord wouldn’t reach any farther from the lifesaving air tank.

What a brave mother! She packed up her swim luggage full of rafts and noodles and toys and towels. She dressed her girls in suits and sunscreen and sun hats. She buckled her little ones into place, making sure she had snacks and cups and extra dry clothes.

And oxygen.

Everywhere this mom goes she has every single regular mom responsibility and worry and care. But she also has the responsibility to cart her daughter’s air support. To worry if the tank will last for the whole outing. To care if others will notice how out of place she feels and is sure she looks.

But tonight it didn’t matter! She had the courage to take her children swimming.To make a secure, toweled pallet at the poolside for the oxygen backpack. To jump in with her daughters. To hover near the edge. To kick her daughter’s feet. To laugh and enjoy today that she has with her children .

Thank you, brave momma, for showing me how it’s done.

-From one heart mom to another


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