Is Annie Contagious?

“Is Annie contagious? Because my mom told me she’s sick…Is she gonna die soon?”

It wasn’t meant the way it sounds, but it was a sharp reminder of the curiosity that Annie is bound to face as she grows.  It’s hard to be labeled “sick” when she’s a taller, fatter, and faster talker, walker, lover than everyone else her age.

But for your own protection, I have to admit that Annie is certainly contagious.

Not one person yet has ever witnessed her plum lips split into a wide, open-mouthed smile and resisted smiling back.


I can only hope that I catch a little bit of her free spirit darting in and out of the sprinklers, squealing loudly enough for her doctors in Philly to hear.


Her courage is an example to many… and something for big sister to boss her about.  “Don’t you get up in that chair, Annie!”


She’s quite the crowd pleaser with her silly antics. This itty bitty knows what’s funny and she’s always out to elicit a laugh.


She’s friendly and engaging, already practicing good Southern etiquette of speaking to each person she encounters with a confident wave across the restaurant and a loud “Bawww”  and a blown kiss when someone goes on his way. But don’t worry, no germs travel from her kiss through the air to you, so you’re still safe!


She lives each day so full of “ba-bees” (babies), “mil, mil” (milk), “momma, dadda, sisttt-der” (sister), “Pa” (her favorite uncle Paul), swimming, sliding, dancing, singing, coloring, play-dohing, hugging, kissing, building, learning, and growing that she’s easily brave enough–or at least tired enough–to sleep on her own in the toddler bed. Often still in her clothes! How is she SO BIG already? Big sister needs to catch some of that sleep-on-your-own courage!


And, honestly, we could all just hope and pray that something about her hair’s amazing volume could be easily shared with us! Right? She didn’t get it from me!


So yes, thankfully Annie is contagious.

Unfortunately, though, I don’t know if Annie will die soon. It sure doesn’t look like it to me and we currently have no reason to be concerned. It’s a fair question, though, he asked as he continued, “But she only has half of a heart!” And it’s true, someone shouldn’t live with only half of a heart. But thankfully by God’s provision (and oils, which are totally God’s practical provision) our Annie is doing it…and you’d be lucky to catch a little something from her!

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