Who made you: you?

Who has had the  biggest positive influence on your life, making you the quality person you are today?

I shouldn’t have been surprised by my recent answer to our department round table question. Several names and precious faces warmed my memories:

-my 7th grade Sunday school teacher who loved me the entire year I grew out my bangs and subsequently turned cool because I made cheerleader

-my high school huddle group leader who loved me when I ran away twice… or was it three times?…I hope no one else remembers either!

-my high school bestie who shared all my secrets, created all my inside jokes, loaned me the perfect outfit for every occasion, and modeled how to secretly watch MTV by switching to two channels before her parents got home so they couldn’t check the remote’s “last selection” Daddy Doug and Mommy Vick, now you know.

-my sophomore English teacher who told me I should be a writer and then taught me how

-my college counseling professor who taught me about listening and empathy and the science of family

-my grandmother who has been the primary person through whom God has made Himself known to our family so that He is the God of multiple generations

-my mom who spent every morning studying her scribbled-over, marked up, crinkled-pages-falling-apart Bible so that she’d know what to teach us and how to love us

But still there was another name, another face, another memory that overflowed.

There’s still one person who has made the single biggest impact in my life, making me better, making me stronger, making me braver, making me less of me and more of God:


19 months of loving and fighting and dreaming and hoping and praying and believing and asking and trusting make me the quality person I am still becoming.

What a gift she is!

“If my life is surrendered to God, all is well. Let me not grab it back, as though it were in peril in His hand but would be safer in mine!” -Elisabeth Elliott


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