Only God Could Do That…

For exactly 4 weeks she’s nightly been praying, God, can you help Annie’s sick heart? Momma says only You can do that.

Momma, can you walk on the water? she asked.  Before I could respond, No! Only God could do that! she retorted.

Momma, she giggled, can you make a monkey? Before I could respond, No! Only God could do that! she shouted.

Momma, she marveled, can you count the curly hairs on my head? I can’t even untangle them, I thought. No! she quipped. Only God could do that!


The transplant team says an echo won’t show anything new, he informed. They agreed we should do a blood test instead. Remember, though, we can’t expect any change in her numbers after only 4 short weeks, but we hope that the medicine has stabilized her decline. 12 weeks is the ideal time to retest. Sometimes by then we’ve seen nominal improvement from this medicine combination. Today we’ll simply get this info for our records. I’ll text you later with the results.

A charming Annie blew him a kiss as he closed the door.


5 hours later the text came through: “Check this!!! Her heart failure number has decreased more than 2,000 points. She’s firmly in normal range now. Praise God from whom all blessings flow!”


So, Momma, Annie’s heart is getting better? Yes, dear. 

Momma, Only God Can Do That! Yes, dear, only God can do that! 


Even in light of this good news, our plans haven’t changed. We will continue to move forward with a cardiac cath in Philadelphia in a couple weeks. We still wait to know the decision regarding keeping her birth heart to proceed with a third surgery, or listing Annie for a heart transplant. We’re still very much living in the middle of the story.

But we were reminded today that Annie’s is a story of hope and of a God who knows what He’s doing. I’ll continue to proclaim that this is God’s story, and that makes it good.








2 thoughts on “Only God Could Do That…

  1. Mary Bennett says:

    I just saw this and it made my heart jump!!!! Such encouraging news in the middle of your journey. I love it when God just reminds us that HE IS IN CHARGE!! I know you do not know what will happen in the future but once again we all know who does and that He IS ABLE if that is what glorifies Him the most. I think her big sister has got that part figured out!! Thank you again for sharing Annie’s story… that is your family’s story… that is God’s story!! Love you!!


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