You’re not Alone!

One regular day your baby gets a rare, incompatible-with-life diagnosis. And all in one terrifying moment, you’re not like anyone else anymore.

Friday we were reminded that we aren’t alone. Annie isn’t the only cutie with a brave line sealing shut a broken 1/2 heart.


Audrey isn’t the only sister facing truths and fears much too young.


I’m not the only mom fighting and praying for my child while surrendering her days to her maker.


Matt’s not even the only heart dad named Matt!

Sarah and I have been friends for a while. Her son Bowen is 6 and has HLHS just like Annie. So we’ve connected long distance…Sharing tears through phone calls. Research through phone calls. Studies through phone calls. Comparing doctor’s notes through phone calls. Praying over phone calls. Encouraging through phone calls. Loving through phone calls. Supporting with phone calls.


The Hammitt family was in Little Rock on Friday and we finally got to meet in person! It’s so sacred to connect with other heart families. To see the courage and care in another heart mom’s eyes. To see the life and vibrancy of a heart patient 4 years ahead of Annie. To admit struggles that stick with us from the too much we’ve all seen.

It’s more than sacred though. After our goodbye hugs, Audrey recounted, “Momma, why do they have to live faraway? Louie is the only brother I’ve ever met whose heart isn’t broken like mine…but he has a brother with a broken heart like Annie!” It’s absolutely necessary to remind every one of us that there’s someone who’s been there. Someone who gets it. Someone else who begs God for tomorrow and trusts Him for today.


If you’re just starting your terrifying journey, you’re not alone! I’d love to have you follow along with us here at Heart for Annie. You can also check out to follow the Hammitt family’s story. And reach out to for more resources. Sarah and her husband Matt started the Whole Hearts Foundation for this very reason: to build community and connection among heart families.