The Day We Met

The day we met I thought a day like today would never come…but I let myself hope it would.

The day we met I was afraid of you…but I prayed you’d never be afraid of yourself.

The day we met I didn’t know if God would ever give me what I thought was enough of you…but I tried soaking in every second He was giving us together anyway.


The day we met I had no idea how to care for someone like you…but I vowed to be a diligent, though frightened, student.

The day we met lasted much too short and I wasn’t sure I’d ever see you again…but I began dreaming about you anyway.

The day we met my arms ached empty…but my heart grew full.


The day we met I had visions of you on a day like today: dancing with your friends, giggling loudly, proudly loving who you are…but I knew the scientific facts so I didn’t let myself get too carried away.

The day we met I thought eventually we might get to a place that was easy. The years are still hard with no reprieve in sight but loving you has made life better for all of us.

The day we met I thought your life would be worth it, even when I wasn’t sure how it’d all work out…but now there’s proof of the present and eternal value in every single one of your sacred days.

This weekend, when I heard the harmony around the room of a birthday choir of family, friends, and fancy 4-year-old girls, I realized that so much I hoped for on the day we met continues to come true.

You’re living life, my sweet Annie. You’re changing lives, my brave Annie. All God’s power and provision is shining through you, my precious girl.

Happy 4th Birthday, my perfectly formed one. We face much uncertainty ahead– faltering quality and length of days–but all your moments are undoubtedly meant to be.


4 thoughts on “The Day We Met

  1. Desireé and Frank LoRusso says:

    Happy birthday, sweet and amazing Annie! You have taught and encouraged people you don’t even know! Such a picture of God’s goodness and faithfulness! Bless you all on your move to the hinterland.😊 We look forward to staying in touch via this special blog. Tracy and Matt, thank you for sharing your journey with us; allowing us to see, lived out, what it looks like to walk in faith and trust. May God continue to bless you all!


  2. Brenda Cummins Wingfield says:

    Precious little one, we’ve never met but you are certainly in my heart and in my prayers!✝️🙏🏻❤️


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